Sanfort Play School Nangloi Delhi


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F-10, 17&17-A, Ground Floor, Rajendra Park Extension, Nangloi, Delhi 110041, India


+91 88022 71299


F-10, 17&17-A




New Delhi


About Sanfort Play school Nangloi Delhi | Delhi

The Sanfort Play school Nangloi Delhi has strict norms of study, hygiene and uniform.School provides bus facility to the students which are located far from The Sanfort Play school Nangloi Delhi.The Sanfort Play school Nangloi Delhi mainly focus on giving practical knowledge to students, making students more efficient, and increasing problem solving skills and thinking capabilities of students.The Sanfort Play school Nangloi Delhi provides the facilities like extracurricular workshops, libraries, halls, games equipment, assembly area and proper sanitation facilities, etc.The Sanfort Play school Nangloi Delhi play a dominant role, competing in every activity offered. We are well respected for excellence in our quality of student-athletes, both on the playing field and off.In addition, The Sanfort Play school Nangloi Delhi has a purpose-built Design & Technology Centre that includes industrial design and food technology facilities supported by Computer-aided Design (CAD) hardware and software.Kindergarten students play in a safe and secure environment, designed especially for the enjoyment and capabilities of young children. The area is equipped with a variety of outdoor play equipment.The keen focus on our students, commitment to quality and dedication to continuous improvement empowers our students to handle whatever life may throw at them. To inculcate discipline right from the childhood, activities like NCC, Scouts and Guides are also included in the regimen that train the students to be prepared for serving the nation at times of need.
• Co-Education
• Portable water supply
• Stress free Education
• Well-equipped science laboratories
• Functional food & nutrition laboratory